Dave Price


With over 35 years experience I have played in a variety of musical styles including jazz, funk, rock, fusion,country, folk and classical. Having such a broad taste in music has allowed me to work in any musical situation.


In 1993 and 1994 I was a finalist in Guitarist magazine’s “Guitarist of the Year” competition and was featured on the 1994 cd.


In 1995 I joined the busy corporate function band Mixed Feelings, allowing me to pursue music as a full time occupation. Around the same time I join the jazz funk outfit Nhuage, later to become Phunkaphilia.


Between 2009 and 2011 I wrote a series of fingerstyle articles for Acoustic magazine, based in the UK.


As well as performing, I keep a busy schedule of recording and teaching. I am an RGT registered tutor.


Guitarist Magazine's Guitarist of the Year


1993 - semi finalist

1994 - finalist


Musicman Jam 2000 Contest - semi finalist


T Rex Back on Track 2012 - 3rd place