Dave Price

Transcription Service

If you are looking for music/tabs for a You Tube video or any other source I am now offering custom transcriptions to order.


All the lessons you see on this website and on my You Tube channels are the result of my own transcriptions. I have over 30 years experience of transcribing music and spend a great deal of time writing out full charts for groups.


All music is produced with either Guitar Pro or Sibelius software depending on the type of chart required.


Every transcription is individually priced depending on how much work is involved. As a guide it is £20 per minute of audio.


Payment is made in adavnce via my Paypal link below. Once payment is received I will start work on your transcription.


Once finished you will be sent the chart in PDF format.


For a quote contact me on the email address below



SAMPLE CHORD CHART - Chords Sample Transcription Bass Sample basic chord chart sample - Chords rhythm tab Sample

Bass - Music & Tab Sample

Basic Chord Chart Sample

Rhythm Guitar - Music & Tab Sample